Billy Dodds

Bouncy indie guitar-pop with an 18-month-old singer. Billy likes to lay down his vocals while suspended from a door-frame in a baby-bouncer and takes a stream-of-consciousness approach to his utterances. Tim, fortunately, likes to do a lot of post-production. The kids love it, apparently.

Did somebody say "novelty record"?

htr017 glay-glay-glye

htr017-1. glay-glay-glye (Brookes) 3'33 mp3 (3.3MB)

Released 2002

Vocals by Billy Dodds
Programming/engineering by Tim Brookes

StabnSteer [InternetArchive] - "Can't help but smile! I've never heard anything like this, so I'll call it completely original. And doggone it, I'm sitting here giggling like crazy at each new utterance. Catchy and perfectly amusing."

Willhoite [InternetArchive] - "Wow! This 18 month old can really entertain (with some help from the editor). Catchy tune that will bring a smile to all parents."

Maizeydaze [GiveAwayOfTheDay] - "If this song doesn't bring a smile to your face nothing will. My 11 year old stepdaughter laughed hyserically, making me play it over and over again."

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