Tim Brookes

The own-name productions included here are mostly commissioned electronic and electro-acoustic pieces for dance performances, video-art soundtracks and museum installations. A very eclectic mix; some undoubtably quite a lot better than others.

htr005 Climber

1. Climber (Brookes) 3'43

Released 1998

Commissioned by dance company DodGE and first performed at Winter Happenings III, Guildford, December 1998.

This release is now deleted.

htr006 Das Flüstern

htr006-1. Das Flüstern (Brookes) 10'06 mp3 (9.3MB)

Released 1999

Saxophone by Matt Barr.

Commissioned by dance company DodGE and first performed at the Open Dance Festival, London, June 1999.

htr009 Scraped, Bowed & Beaten

htr009-1. Scraped (Brookes) 1'18 mp3 (1.3MB)
htr009-2. Bowed (Brookes) 1'48 mp3 (1.7MB)
htr009-3. Beaten (Brookes) 1'50 mp3 (1.7MB)
zip (4.5MB)

Released 1999

Sculpted Sound is a series of fifteen metallic sculptures, created by Derek Shiel, which can be either used in performance as a set of musical instruments, or exhibited as a sculptural group. In 'Scraped, Bowed & Beaten' the sounds made by playing three of the sculptures using three separate techniques are digitally sampled, and the samples are used to perform the three compositions.

Broadcast on Classic FM, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 in February 2000.
Also featured on FMR-5, the cover disc of issue 18 of the FMR contemporary music magazine Avant, Spring 2001.

htr011 Twisted

htr011-1. Twisted (Brookes) 8'35 mp3 (7.9MB)

Released 2000

Also created using Derek Shiel's Sound Sculptures but this time the sounds have been electronically mangled beyond recognition.

First performed at the Guildford International Music Festival 2001 : "Tim Brookes... sampled various sounds from the sculptures and used them to generate a series of impressive electroacoustic pieces... Brookes' pieces are intelligently constructed and beautifully recorded... the most successful pieces in the concert." (Surrey Advertiser 23 March 2001)

Released (Summer 2001) on Sound Sculpture Vol 1 (FMR Records FMRCD80-0501).

htr012 Moon Goddess & Sun God

htr012-1. Moon Goddess (Brookes) 2'36 mp3 (2.4MB)
htr012-2. Sun God (Brookes) 3'09 mp3 (2.9MB)
zip (5.3MB)

Released 2000

Compositions for VideoArt by Brian Ashbee.

htr013 the Barmy remixes

1. Barmy : dice roll mix (Brookes) 8'37
2. Barmy : chocolate mix (Brookes) 5'31

Released 2000

Composition for dance performance at the Web Festival of the Arts, September 2000.

This release is now deleted.

htr014 Puppet Show

htr014-1. Puppet Show (Brookes) 2'30 mp3 (2.3MB)

Released 2000

Music to accompany video produced by the Institute for New Media Performance Research.

htr016 Katex

htr016-1. Katex : part 1 (Brookes) 11'52 mp3 (10.9MB)
htr016-2. Katex : part 2 (Brookes) 13'06 mp3 (12.0MB)
zip (22.9MB)

Released 2002

Music for High Art: a collision of dance and rock climbing.
First performance at The Vertex, Guildford, April 2002.

htr018 KatexRemix

htr018-1. KatexRemix (Brookes) 3'19 mp3 (3.1MB)

Released 2002

The High Art promo video soundtrack.

htr021 Hang

htr021-1. Hang (Brookes) 3'00 mp3 (2.9MB)

Released 2006

Found-sound-based soundtrack for Vertical Dance promo video.

htr022 Fifteenth Helmet

htr022-1. Professor Pacoli (Brookes) 2'25 mp3 (2.3MB)
htr022-2. Korben Dallas (Brookes) 1'48 mp3 (1.7MB)
htr022-3. Vito Cornelius (a different opinion) (Brookes) 0'48 mp3 (755kB)
htr022-4. Mangalore Attack (Brookes) 1'05 mp3 (1.0MB)
htr022-5. Jean-Baptiste Emmanual Zorg (Brookes) 0'23 mp3 (369kB)
htr022-6. NucleoLab (Brookes) 1'24 mp3 (1.3MB)
htr022-7. Leeloo (Brookes) 6'28 mp3 (6.0MB)
htr022-8. Any Survivors? (Brookes) 1'14 mp3 (1.2MB)
htr022-9. They Don't Chase You (Brookes) 2'18 mp3 (2.2MB)
htr022-10. Just Can't Resist (Brookes) 0'52 mp3 (810kB)
htr022-11. This Case is Empty (Brookes) 0'15 mp3 (233kB)
htr022-12. The Little Red Button (Brookes) 0'14 mp3 (222kB)
htr022-13. Ruby Rhod (Brookes) 1'40 mp3 (1.6MB)
htr022-14. Mr Shadow (Brookes) 1'35 mp3 (1.5MB)
htr022-15. Aria (the Diva Plavalaguna) (Brookes) 4'36 mp3 (4.3MB)
htr022-16. Leeloo's in Trouble? (Brookes) 0'35 mp3 (554kB)
htr022-17. Countdown to Negotiate (Brookes) 1'16 mp3 (1.2MB)
htr022-18. Human Nature (Brookes) 1'19 mp3 (1.3MB)
htr022-19. Water, Fire, Earth, Air (Brookes) 1'28 mp3 (1.4MB)
htr022-20. Protect Life, Until Death (Brookes) 2'02 mp3 (1.9MB)
htr022-21. Perfect Moment (Brookes) 5'19 mp3 (4.9MB)
zip (35.8MB)

Released 2008

Aria sung by Jude Brereton. Perfect Moment sung by Alison Arnaud.

Alternative music soundtrack for Luc Besson's film "The Fifth Element", written as a theme and (character-specific) variations. The tracks listed above include all the main variations, one of which—Aria (the Diva Plavalaguna)—is the alien opera and another of which—Perfect Moment—is the playout song.

If you want to press play at the appropriate points while watching the film, download the cue-sheet which lists all the SMPTE start-times.

Alternatively, Fifteenth Helmet (Full Music Soundtrack) below includes all the tracks listed above, plus about another 40, runs for the entire duration of the film (so the audio and video elapsed time displays should match if they're in sync) and contains a little over 80 minutes of music, interspersed with sections of silence.

Fifteenth Helmet (Full Music Soundtrack) (Brookes) 2h01'14 mp3 (111MB)

htr023 Katehedral

htr023-1. Katehedral: desc (Brookes) 2'30 mp3 (2.3MB)
htr023-2. Katehedral: slow (Brookes) 3'48 mp3 (3.5MB)
htr023-3. Katehedral: fast (Brookes) 3'19 mp3 (3.0MB)
htr023-4. Katehedral: diss (Brookes) 2'53 mp3 (2.6MB)
htr023-5. Katehedral: grnd (Brookes) 2'49 mp3 (2.6MB)
zip (14.0MB)

Released 2009

Contemporary classical (with just a hint of electroacoustic) music for Descent of the Angel, a vertical dance performance by Kate Lawrence, premièred on Friday 20 March 2009 on the West face of the tower of Guildford Cathedral.

Go to YouTube for a video of the performance.

htr024 Three Minutes for Piano

htr024-1. Cogwheels (Brookes) 1'02 mp3 (1.0MB)
htr024-2. Droplets (Brookes) 1'08 mp3 (1.1MB)
htr024-3. Ticking (Brookes) 1'06 mp3 (1.1MB)
zip (3.0MB)

Released 2013

Three contemporary classical piano pieces, inspired by Clive Williamson's One-Minute Wonders project.

Musical score pdf (with big thanks to Annie for helping to make it readable): score (225kB)

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