Julie (from Detroit) and Tim (from York) got together (in Nottingham) to make mid-1990s bedroom dance-pop as (they thought) it should be. The album 'One-Off' was the result. From happy-house thru clubby-jazz to trip-hop. A melodic cut-up of styles and moods.

htr002 One-Off

htr002-01. Fantasizing (Brookes) 4'03
htr002-02. Live For Now... (Brookes/Lieberknecht) 3'29
htr002-03. Just A Game (Brookes) 3'25
htr002-04. From Now On (Brookes/Lieberknecht) 4'28
htr002-05. Feel My Heart Beat (Brookes/Lieberknecht) 5'10
htr002-06. For Myself (Brookes) 3'38
htr002-07. Anything (Brookes/Lieberknecht) 4'29
htr002-08. Miss Me (Brookes/Lieberknecht) 3'35
htr002-09. End Of It (Brookes) 4'16
htr002-10. I Need You Now (Brookes) 5'57

Released 1995

Vocals: Julie Lieberknecht
Programming/engineering: Tim Brookes

April 1996 Sound On Sound magazine review: "Julie's vocals still have a good vibe, especially on the tongue-in-cheek jazz club production [End Of It]. This comes complete with audience, club-style reverb, vibes, sax, double bass, brush snare and club organ... a nice demo with some fun moments—I especially liked the skank of 'Just A Game'."

This release is now deleted.

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